In Game - The Series

Life is an extended challenge.

In Game is a show about theatrical LARPers who belong to a club, but don't feel like they quite belong anywhere else.

Destinee Steinhaus /  The Magpie, Hermit Queen of the Vagrant Folk

Destinee Steinhaus is an oddball who marches to the beat of her own drum. She works at a hospital as an orderly, where she enjoys discovering all the hilarious (to her) ways that the human body can go wrong. She combines hardcore nerdery with an artistic flair, knitting tapestries featuring Derek Jeter as the Fourteenth Doctor and tea cosies of Xena Warrior Princess commanding the Enterprise. She LARPs to spend time in a world as weird and wonderful as she is. Because she is completely at ease with herself, her alter ego the Magpie is played by the same character.

The Magpie looks exactly like Steinhaus, but lives in a world much more suited to an eccentric hermit. She lives in a slum in a house made out of spare parts that fall off the steampunk airships that pass overhead every day. By day she roams the trash heaps of New Amsterdam to collect various magical knickknacks to perform spells and charms for others among the Vagrant Folk. Generally a solitary creature, she joined the coterie under protest when the Doge cleared her slum to build the Chamber of Truth. Now she is reluctantly caught up in the fight against the Doge and his evil minions, when all she wants to do is kick back with a nice pipe-full of Old Toby.

Series is live!  It's ALIIIIIIIIIVE!  Check back often for updates and season 2!