In Game - The Series

Life is an extended challenge.

In Game is a show about theatrical LARPers who belong to a club, but don't feel like they quite belong anywhere else.

Jefferson Everett / The Mighty and Nameless Wizard

A hoarder, Jefferson comes from just enough money to totally demotivate him. He hosts the coterie’s downtime events at his parents’ spare Washington Heights apartment. He’s got a lot of college credits, but never finishes anything - even his costume consists of a dressing gown and his grandma’s scarf pinned into a turban. Jefferson is always offering to brew a potion.

Jefferson’s alter ego, the Wizard is expert in all things, from alchemy to potions to political scheming. He is known across his Guild as a man who always finishes what he starts, and never loses his temper. As a member of the Neo-Troll subkith with Level One Sexual Magnetism, his silvery skin and smooth movements are highly alluring to the opposite sex, in particular women of the Nymph and Siren genera. He wears a monocle, not because there is anything wrong with his vision, but because it is a talisman for focusing mystical energy, and also because the ladies love it. Everyone recognizes his natural leadership qualities and defers to his opinion.

Series is live!  It's ALIIIIIIIIIVE!  Check back often for updates and season 2!