In Game - The Series

Life is an extended challenge.

In Game is a show about theatrical LARPers who belong to a club, but don't feel like they quite belong anywhere else.

Rambo “Bo” Li  / The Paladin

Rambo “Bo” Li is a third generation American from a family of doctors. A natural athlete, he rejected familial pressure to go to college, instead focusing on his baseball career. He made it into the Yankees farm system and was considered a top prospect before he busted his knee. Now he’s reduced to team physio for a small league out on Staten Island. He LARPs to get his alpha male jock on, since he can no longer do it in real life.  Bo is a much better guy than he wants people to know, and fiercely loyal to his friends. While he puts newcomers like Brayden through the wringer, he is happy to welcome him after he has proven himself.

The Paladin is a super-hot, chisel-jawed, godlike stud who could have all the ladies and do all the naughty stuff, but is far too virtuous.  He used to serve an evil deity, but now he has repented and walks the Path of Chivalry. A leader, he nonetheless has a gentle spirit, and spends his time putting his pristine white cloak over puddles so that little old ladies don’t get their feet wet, while also fighting injustice perpetrated by the evil Doge.  His sole weakness is that he can never back down from a challenge.

Series is live!  It's ALIIIIIIIIIVE!  Check back often for updates and season 2!