In Game - The Series

Life is an extended challenge.

In Game is a show about theatrical LARPers who belong to a club, but don't feel like they quite belong anywhere else.

Cassie Gilligan / Sekhmet the Cat Assassin

Cassie Gilligan is a medical student and lifelong overachiever. Her all-A winning streak was broken only once, the day her no-good brother Glen totaled her Dad’s car by driving it into her Mom’s car and wound up in hospital. Cassie turned to spirtualism to help her through the trauma of getting a B. She dreams of letting loose the way her brother does, but instead she always does the right thing and puts other people’s feelings first, crushing her secret kinky side and her tendency to be really abrasive. When she meets Brayden, she thinks she may have finally found a guy who won’t take advantage of her incredible niceness.

Sekhmet is a slick, sexy cat assassin who takes no shit from anyone and has T&A from here to kingdom come. Sekhmet can roll out of bed with immaculate hair and makeup, leap into her sky-high heels, and whip her enemies into submission, all while wearing a leather corset so snug that a lesser woman would pass out. Her only weakness is her nemesis, Bast, who weirdly enough, looks exactly like her alter ego’s brother. Sekhmet flirts with the studly stranger, Notorious Steve, with the wit and ease of Grace Kelly crossed with a professional dominatrix.

Series is live!  It's ALIIIIIIIIIVE!  Check back often for updates and season 2!