In Game - The Series

Life is an extended challenge.

In Game is a show about theatrical LARPers who belong to a club, but don't feel like they quite belong anywhere else.

Brayden Bigglesworth / Notorious Steve

Our hero, Brayden hails from Wisconsin, but moved to New York City to become a poet. The nicest guy in the world, Brayden finds the city overwhelming, and he's been pretty lonely. He lodges in a rent-controlled apartment owned by Mrs. Moskowitz, who he has never met, and who unbeknownst to Brayden, is illegally gouging him. He ran into the coterie while at his job as a pizza delivery guy, and mistakenly thought Jefferson invited him to the game. We later discover he was fired because he had to go and buy Red Bull to bring to the LARP.

Notorious Steve is a highwayman, a solitary wanderer who is always looking for his next adventure. He stole Little Crow, the Emperor’s great sword of Edo! He is known throughout the world! Notorious Steve would never be intimidated by a beautiful woman, and flirts effortlessly with the cat seductress Sekhmet. He has the body of a rippling-abbed superhero, the wit of James Bond, and the mustache-growing skills of someone with considerably more testosterone than Brayden.

Series is live!  It's ALIIIIIIIIIVE!  Check back often for updates and season 2!